WheresSpot.com is the Internet social network community for Prisoners of Advertising and Broadcast Production. Using email and the Web, it connects an enormous gang of talented people to each other.

WheresSpot upgraded to Drupal from a much more static site. Some of my implementation tasks included:

  • A clean HTML/CSS method for implementing boxed regions with transparent large-radius curved corners on a gradient background.
  • Powerful and flexible Classified Ads implented with a combination of CCK, Views, Actions, Scheduled Actions, Workflow, E-Commerce. Some of the features include:
    • Charging users to submit ads.
    • An automated editiorial workflow, using the Workflow module, that allows editors to review ads, return them to the author for revision if necessary, and approve them.
    • Scheduled posting of all ads to their e-mail community using the newly-developed Scheduled Actions module.
    • Automatic expiration of ads, again with the Scheduled Actions module.
    • Enhanced E-Commerce payment processing so customer credit cards are authorized when the ad is submitted but not charged until it is approved.
    • Setting different prices, posting schedules, and expiration lifetimes for ads based on their category.
  • A hierarchical directory of user-submitted Links, implemented using Views with custom themeing.
  • A data migration tool to preserve their database of thousands of user-submitted Links on the new site.

The new WheresSpot site launched in April, 2007.