Kayaking the Swift River Falls

The Swift River in New Hampshire flows eastward along the beautiful Kancamagus Highway. There are three commonly paddled sections known as the Upper Upper Swift, the Upper Swift, and the Lower Swift.

Pond Skim at Granite Gorge Ski Area

The kayaking takeout for Otter Brook in New Hampshire is the parking lot for the Granite Gorge Ski Area. We happened to be there on closing day, and they were celebrating the season with live music, a pig roast, and a pond skim. I figured, well, I was already wearing a drysuit...

Surfing Wave-o-Saurus

In beautiful western MA, along the banks of the Connecticut river, flat sheets of sandstone slope down into the water. 190 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed this land and their footprints are preserved in the ancient rock.