Image Pager module: Dynamically switch among images with prev/next links

Image Pager, a new Drupal module I just contributed, provides a block that displays a selected subset of a page's images. The images are shown one at a time; the user can dynamically switch among them using previous/next links. Each image's alt and title text is shown as a caption. This article's original location demonstrates Image Pager with photos from my 2006 summer vacation.

Image Pager is designed to work with existing node types and themes without requiring changes to either. When the Image Pager block is displayed, it uses jQuery to scan the web page, identify the images to be shown in the Pager, hide them so they are not shown in their original location on the page, and redisplay them within the Pager.

External links in new windows without using 'target'

The default Drupal 5.0 theme (and previous default Drupal themes) uses XHTML Strict. There are reasons this is probably a bad idea but, in the spirit of eating my own dogfood, I'm going with it for now.

One gotcha I discovered right away is that the <a> tag does not allow the "target" attribute in XHTML Strict (nor does it in HTML Strict). However, the behavior of <a target="_blank"'> can be replicated in XHTML Strict with semantic markup and scripting.

The Seven C's Border Technique

Continuously Changing Curved Clear Corners Containing Content

Screenshot of client designA client presented me with an existing visual design for their new web site. They had the layered image in Photoshop from their graphic artists and wanted me to convert it to working HTML/CSS. Among other elements, the design featured boxed regions with transparent large-radius curved corners on a gradient background.