Fields in Core code sprint, Dec 15-19

Following on the Data Architecture Design Sprint during a cold and snowy Chicago week in February, two Drupalcon presentations, a lot of writing, and even more debating, I am really looking forward to next week's Fields in Core code sprint. Our goal is to re-organize Drupal's content APIs and data storage around Fields instead of Nodes; think of it as "CCK in core, except for the admin UI." When the dust settles, everything will continue work just as it does now, but we will have a framework in place to allow Drupal and the community to get maximum leverage from what it is best at: Adding Value to Content.

We are assembling a team of six experienced Drupal developers at the Acquia offices in Andover MA: Yves Chedemois, Károly Négyesi, Karen Stevenson, David Strauss, Moshe Weitzman, and myself, and Dries Buytaert will be on site and participating as well. We will be tracking our progress at the Fields in Core group and expect to have plenty of tasks for virtual attendees to help with.

I'd like to particularly call attention to the fact that Yves, Karen, and Moshe are donating their personal time for this sprint. Also, NowPublic, Four Kitchens, and Acquia are donating their employees' time. Since four of the attendees need to fly in and stay in hotels, we're trying to raise $7,000 to cover the costs and maybe a nice dinner out for everyone as well. That works out to $25 per hour that these developers will be working on your favorite CMS. So, please consider making a donation. :-)