Dachshund Rescue Web Page

The Dachshund Rescue Web Page, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for Dachshund dogs that, for whatever reason, do not have one or can no longer stay where they are. Visitors with a dog needing rescue can post Adoptable Dachshunds with details such as name, age, geographic location, medical history, and pictures. Visitors looking for a Dachshung to adopt can browse the listings by geographic location and contact the poster to arrange an adoption. The site also supports Rescue Agencies with many available dogs and Success Stories posted by people who adopted a dog through the site.

The site is implemented using Drupal 4.7. Some of my custom implementation work for the site includes:

  • A new theme (visual appearance) for the overall site.
  • Temporary users. People with an Adoptable Dachshund to post must sign up for user accounts. New user accounts are assigned to a “temporary account” role. After 30 days, the user account and any Adoption posts it created are deactivated. The site administrator can of course remove the role for users that need a long-life account.
  • Nodereply, a module that allows anonymous visitors to send email replies to the author of any Adoption post without learning the identity or email address of the author.