Alive, Kicking, and Speaking in Barcelona

Some of you may have noticed (who am I kidding? there is no "you" reading this site regularly...) that I've been gone awhile; my previous post here was in May. Well, I just got married and so have been, ah, rather busy. :-) I am finally back from the land of endless planning and greatly looking forward to DrupalCon 2007 in Barcelona. Besides all the Drupal excitement, this will also be my first trip with my wife (I keep emphasizing that word assuming it will eventually seem real) since our wedding; the official honeymoon isn't until later this year.

More relevantly, I'll be giving a variety of presentations at DrupalCon 2007:

* Site Review: New York Observer. Moshe Weitzman and I will be presenting some of our work on this groundbreaking Drupal newspaper site. We'll talk about the Editions architecture, data structure, complex block control, content-controlled CSS styling, and whatever else we can fit in.

* Schema API (slides for this talk are attached to this page, below). The Schema API is a significant new part of Drupal 6. I will introduce its motivations and capabilities. For module authors, I'll show how to create your hook_schema() structure. I'll also demonstrate the capabilities of the Schema module including database schema description, introspection, and verification, as well as showing how Schema module will write your hook_schema() for you!

* Schema-licious! There will be a BOF for discussing advanced capabilities based on Schema API, including: unified data loading and saving, database referential integrity, object migration between systems (think: incremental migration from dev to qa to production), and more. The DrupalCon site does not seem to allow scheduling BOFs ahead of time so look for it once you arrive.

* Boost Lighting Talk. I will give a 5-minute introduction to Arto Bendiken's Boost module. Boost automatically creates a static file cache for any/all of your Drupal pages that Apache can then serve to anonymous visitors without running PHP or using the database at all. The performance increase is enormous.

See you in Barcelona!

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