I am a computer programmer and serial entrepreneur that has founded four successful start-up software companies in the Boston area. I have extensive experience with computer, network, application, and cryptographic security, product development, engineering management, web design, and e-commerce.

As a web site creator, I have extensive experience with the Drupal content management system. I deliver high quality, professionally constructed code with thorough design documentation. Some of my recent work is shown on my clients page.

As a security consultant, I have performed security workshops and code reviews/audits of web-based financial applications for top-tier investment firms. I have assisted a major New York brokerage in deploying MIT Kerberos 5 into its mission-critical production environment, including the development of a new incremental Kerberos database propagation system and the integration of custom in-house applications. I have designed and published cryptographic protocols, performed competitive and security analyses of commercial security products, audited the implementation of cryptographic code, developed and project managed commercial and freely available security software, given security tutorials at industry conferences, performed "tiger-team" security attacks against client systems, and more.

For a complete resume, references, or other information, please contact me.